A Onda da Rita (Rita’s Wave) is a television program created in 2009 by the professional athlete RITA PIRES, with the aim of showing the audience her life as an athlete, competitor and lover of wave sports. In her curriculum, RITA PIRES has 13 National Bodyboard Champion titles and 6 European Bodyboard Champion titles, in a career marked by success attained through great dedication, effort and experiences lived abroad.

Since the program’s debut, in 2009, there have been 3 television seasons, broadcasted by the many channels from SPORT.TV.
Currently, A Onda da Rita is available in 3 continents and the show is watched by over 2 million people worldwide.

In this site, we’ll show you the latest set of episodes that have recently aired on TV, with the theme “Backstage at the World of Wave Sports”.
Welcome to A ONDA DA RITA!

A ONDA DA RITA / Third Season – EP. 9


Episode Nine of A Onda da Rita takes us backstage one of the major world events held in Portugal: the WCT in Peniche.
This event brings thousands of people from around the world to this county’s beaches, in order to watch live a competition centered on the show on waves and where the best international surfers take part.
On this show, Rita Pires interviews the president of the Peniche Surf Club, the only local entity that promotes surf and wave sports within an associative organization.
This episode also features the statement of the completion’s beach-marshal and an interview with Adriano Souza, a Brazilian athlete, winner of the 2010 edition and one of the best-loved athletes of the Portuguese audience.

A ONDA DA RITA / Third Season – EP. 8


In Episode Eight of the show A Onda da Rita, Rita Pires shows us a bit of her life while competing, during a trip to Puerto Rico to enter a stage of the Bodyboard World Circuit.
The first part of the show is centered on never before seen and exclusive images captured during the competition and leisure moments. During the competition’s ten days, Rita Pires had the opportunity to get in the water numerous times and compete in different sea conditions, at Middles Beach.
The moments captured outside of the competition were spent diving and visiting the large numbers of waterfalls and natural monuments that exist in on the island of Puerto Rico.
In the second part of the program, Rita interviews known bodyboarder and former contestant Manny Vargas. In this interview, both of them talk about the competition and Manny Vargas’s role as official commentator of the IBA World Tour, a job he has held since December 2010.

A ONDA DA RITA / Third Season – EP. 7


Episode Seven of the show A Onda da Rita was filmed in Puerto Rico, in what is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world! Located at the heart of the Caribbean, the Island of Enchantment, as it is known, is one of the privileged destinations for the practice of wave sports, especially the North coast, which often gets storms that are formed south of the United States.
Every year, several major world competitions are held in the Island and, for the second consecutive year, an IBA World Tour championship comes to its beaches.
In this event, which gathers the elite of international Bodyboarding, there are three categories being disputed: Men, Women and Drop Knee and the largest prize money amount offered in a competition in the entire circuit.
Heading the organization of this competition are Natasha Sagardia and Bianca Gorbea, and the big feature of this episode is about them, with an interview where they reveal their motivation for holding such a grandiose event.
On this episode, we also highlight the wonderful images captured in and out of water, which depict well the excellent level of Bodyboard that is practiced at an international level.

A ONDA DA RITA / Third Season – EP. 6


Episode Six of the show A Onda da Rita is about a competition from the Professional Surfing Circuit held Japan, which determined the National Champions in the Men and Women’s categories.
This circuit is the most important competition held in this country in terms of wave sports and is hosted by the JPSA (Japanese Professional Surfing Association), that puts together five Longboard and six Shortboard events every year.
Part of the program consists of an interview with Minetou Ushikoshi, a board member of the JPSA, who explains how a competition of this kind works and how are the winners of the circuit determined at the end of each season. In this interview, Ushikoshi also notes the importance of the new generation to the growth of the sport and how the new talents are beginning to stand out at an international level.
The episode ends with the competition’s final and award presentation, featuring the winners’ testimony: the experienced surfer Miho Ihara who, in this event, competed at her local beach, and the young Izuki Tanaka, one of the most talented surfers currently competing in Japan.

A ONDA DA RITA / Third Season – EP. 5


In Episode Five of the show A Onda da Rita, Rita Pires travels to the East and visits two destinations yet to be explored for the practice of wave sports.
The first part of the show is entirely dedicated to the waves of Dubai, with particular emphasis on the Wadi Adventure waterpark, located in the city of Al Ain, where an artificial beach with perfect waves was built, formed from a Hydraulic pump system created specifically for this purpose.
This water complex is one of a kind in the world and, despite its recent existence, has been visited by hundreds of people from different parts of the globe, which include amateur and professional surfers, the simply curious or people looking for these waters to take their first steps in wave sports.
The second part of the show is set in Japan, more precisely in Chiba, where Rita Pires shares some of the best moments of the trip with her friend and also competitor Chiaki Okuyama.

A ONDA DA RITA / Third Season – EP. 4


Episode Four of the show A Onda da Rita goes backstage the last stage of the National Surf Circuit (Meo Pro Surf League), held in 2012, in an event that defined the open national champions in the Men and Women’s categories.
This championship was marked by a strong bet on media exposure of the sport and its athletes, by the uniqueness of the structure with areas reserved to the technical staff, competitors and audience and, above all, by the professionalism of all those involved in putting this competition together. A reality that was only possible with the input of mainstream brands within the world of wave sports, particularly within the world of surf.
Apart from the exceptional images captured both both in and out of water, the show includes testimonials from Bruno Lisboa (speaker), Vasco Figueiredo (cameraman) and Francisco Rodrigues (president of the National Surf Association) during 10 action-packed minutes.

A ONDA DA RITA / Third Season – EP. 3


The Third Episode of A Onda Rita shows one of the main women’s competition that takes place in Portugal. It is an event growing in the European bodyboard circuit, but open to all athletes on a worldwide level. This match happens every year in Portugal, at the beaches of Costa Nova, in Ílhavo, where the best international bodyboarders compete in a fairly relaxed atmosphere.
This episode is marked by the excellent images captured both in and out of water and by the input of Luís Ferreira (head judge) on the assessment criteria and the current female level.
To conclude, Nicolle Calheiros (winner of the event) speaks about what draws her the most in this type of competition and what motivates her to attend an event that has been in the beaches of Ílhavo for eight consecutive years.

A ONDA DA RITA / Third Season – EP. 2


In the Second Episode, Rita Pires travels to Viana do Castelo, to follow one of the most emblematic competitions in our country within the world of wave sports – the Portuguese Cup.
During 10 minutes, Rita shows us specific aspects related to this championship, in all the strands that make up a competition of this kind. The required efforts to put together a championship that welcomes over 150 athletes, the assessment criteria and the work by the judge panel, as well as organizing the teams and the motivation to win, in statements from Pedro Santos (planner), Jorge Pereira (head judge) and Pedro Monteiro (team leader).
Here is another record of a competition that gathers on the same stage surfers, bodyboarders, longboarders and kneeboarders, aiming for the national title.

A ONDA DA RITA / Third Season – EP. 1


The First Episode of A Onda da Rita’s third season, with the theme “Backstage at the World of Wave Sports”, starts by covering a stage from the National Bodyboard Circuit, which took place in August 2012, at the Cortegaça beach.
The highlight of this show, a competition won by Rita Pires, is an interview with Catarina Sousa. This conversation, starring two rival athletes, reveals specific aspects about the competition, the spirit in and outside the water and the motivation to be consecutively present in a circuit with more than 15 years of existence.
Here is a very personal record of what is a national bodyboard competition in our country, as seen by the mentor of this show, the athlete Rita Pires.